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The What's the Pic Articulation App is a revolutionary new app that encourages players to say their target words out loud.

This page will help you troubleshoot any issues you may encounter within the app.

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Video Tutorial

To begin tap the play button.

To create a player tap the plus button, enter the player’s name, and take a picture of them or select an avatar for their profile picture. Then tap done.

To edit a profile, tap the pencil icon in the top right corner and tap the profile you want to edit. Here you can change the name or profile picture or delete the player.

Whenever you delete a player all data for that player will be erased.

When you’re finished, tap done and tap the pencil icon again to stop editing.

Select the player or players you want to work with by tapping their profile. Up to 6 players can play the game at once. To deselect, simply tap the profile picture again. Then tap done.

Next, choose the sound and place for each player’s target words.

Flashcards are downloaded to your device on the first use so be sure you have an active wifi connection when using new sounds.

If a set of flashcards has not been downloaded you will see a “Download Now” button at the bottom of the screen. Tapping this button immediately downloads all flashcards for the highlighted sound.

Once you have chosen sound and place for each player’s target words, tap “Play”.

The purpose of the game is for players to say their target word for the amount of stars showing at the bottom right hand of the screen.  When players say their word the star turns yellow to indicate that they have said it.

After all stars have turned yellow, a sticker is removed from the large picture in the middle. At this point, a therapist or caregiver can tap the "Check" or "X" buttons for correct or incorrect productions for data taking purposes.

It's fun for players to see their progress as it accumulates around the accuracy bar.

Notice how it automatically advances to the next player and the corresponding flashcard after the data has been recorded.

With sound activation on, stars will only turn yellow and stickers will only be removed when players say the target word.

When a player thinks they know what the hidden picture is, they can tap the “What’s the Pic” button. Then they can type in their answer.

If the answer is incorrect they cannot try until the next turn. After the first incorrect answer, players are allowed a one letter hint each time they guess until the picture is uncovered.

Once the picture is uncovered, players are rewarded with a visual and auditory screen animation.

To continue playing another game, tap the “Play Again” button. To save data for the existing players and start a new game with different players tap “Done”.

To check player’s progress report, tap the clipboard icon on the home screen or on the select player screen.

Tap the plus icon to add a note to any session.

Tap the email icon to email the progress report.

Tap the settings icon to access the app’s support page, rate the app, and turn sound activation on or off.

If you turn sound activation off, the red "X" and green "Check" buttons will cause the yellow stars to appear, take data, remove stickers, and allow you to advance in the game.

What's the Pic Artic let's every player be a detective to see who can guess what the hidden picture is first.

Your clients will love What’s the Pic Artic, and when they do, please share it with their families and leave us a rating on the App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete players from the app?

To delete students, tap the pencil icon on the top right of the screen. The pencil will turn red.

When red, tap the picture of the student you want to delete. This takes you to the “Add Player” screen where you can tap the “Delete” button.

Tapping "Delete" will remove the student from you list of players.

To continue deleting more players, follow the same steps above while the pencil icon is red.

When you are done deleting players, tap the pencil icon again and it turn blue.

Once blue, you can again select players to begin a new game with.

I downloaded the app and it seems there are only two sounds that downloaded. How do I download other sounds?

Anytime you use a sound for the first time you can download the pictures for that sound 1 of 2 ways.

1. You select it for use with a player(s) and tap play. Once you go to the play screen, the images for that sound will download in the background.

2. You tap the “Download Now” button for a sound you haven’t downloaded yet / used in game play.

You must use one of these ways to download pictures for each sound. Until you do, you won’t have images for every sound.

I downloaded all necessary sounds to avoid delay in my session. However, after working well once, we went to change sounds for another round and the sounds were not downloaded anymore. This has happened every time I open the app, even after redownloading the sounds each time. Also, some sounds do not download at all, like r and l, and some redownloading sometimes, like sh.

Downloading the images on your device can take up to 1 GB of memory/space on your device. If this issue occurs on your device, it is possible that your device storage is full and is keeping you from downloading more.

To check storage capacity, tap on Settings > About

To free up storage, remove unwanted/unused pictures, videos, and apps. You probably already know how to remove pictures and videos.

To remove apps, tap Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage

It will take a few seconds for this information to load and will show all of the apps on your device and how much storage space they are taking.

There have been a few pictures that we never guessed correctly and when uncovered we were still unsure. Is there a way to have the correct answers show up?

For pictures that are difficult to guess, tap the "Hint" button when typing in your guess. You can use the "Hint" button 1 time per turn to reveal 1 letter each time, which will clue you in to what the picture is.

Can you mixed up the sound positions or only work on one position at a time?

Not at this time.

I purchased What's the Pic Articulation and it will not download pictures for use on my iPad. Can you please help me? I have verified that it is connected to my school's WiFi.

All photos automatically download in the background for an entire sound or section when you start trying to use them.

The pictures download from our servers over wi-fi or phone connection. You must be connected to the internet to download pictures from our servers.

If you’re not connected, even temporarily it can disrupt this process.

Download time is dependent upon the internet speed you are downloading the content through (wi-fi is best and doesn't use data from your phone plan). 

The content for each sound or section is different (i.e. some have more pictures and recordings than others). The more content, the longer it takes to download it all. Downloading content may be slow if you have a slow internet connection. 

Once you have downloaded content for a sound or section it stays on your device so you don't have to do it again.

If you know you tried to download content without an internet connection or if the screen that says "Downloading..." appears, hard close the app by double clicking the home button and swiping it up.

This is like resetting the app.

Then make sure you are connected to the internet (or talk to your IT guys to have our website added to a safe list) and go back into the app and open up the section(s) that is displaying the "Downloading..." text.

They should be downloaded within seconds depending on your internet connection speed.

*Special Note:

If you connect to the wi-fi at your place of employment it may have a sensitive, work internet firewall that blocks downloads from our server.

For example we have a story called the "No-Lips Club" in the app. The story contains the word "kissing" in it and that story wouldn't download when I tried to do so during beta testing. I think it was because the word "kissing" was blocked by our school's firewall.

If this happens the best solution is to hard close the app (double-tap the smart button then swipe up to close out the app), connect to the internet with a less sensitive firewall (i.e. your home internet connection) and return to the section that you had trouble downloading content from.

If you try this and it still doesn't work, please contact us using the form below.

Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone?

No. We would have to adjust it in the app.

Chances are you bought the app for the voice activation. But you can turn it on and off in the settings at anytime and the app will still function normally (just without the voice activation).

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