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1 of a Kind Growth Charts Include Speech & Language Development

The speech and language development growth charts provide a classy and functional alternative to run of the mill charts.

Both charts...

  • list all age level speech and language milestones children should acquire

  • have height measurement marks for growing girls and boys

Simply put
, they are...

...a beautiful blend of functional art.

"They are affordable and provide concise information pertaining to developmental milestones, in addition to examples of skills.

It provides a good visual for parents, teachers; and the older students love to measure themselves and read all of the milestones that they have achieved."

- Jourdan Saunders M.S. CCC-SLP

4 Reasons Why We Think You Will Love Them


The charts are perfect quick references that tell you what skills your child should be developing.

Quick access to developing skills gives you more time to enjoy watching them learn and solidify new skills.

You and your child will grow closer as you learn and apply concepts together. Each chart fosters learning from birth to early elementary years.

After your child has outgrown the chart it can be easily stored for a childhood keepsake, heirloom, or re-used with other children.


Both growth charts feature timelessly designed typographic art that compliments any type of decor.

They add beauty to any space or setting. They roll up inside themselves which makes transporting a snap.

Measuring 22" wide x 72" high, they fit perfectly on any wall or door.

They make an excellent addition to...

  • ´╗┐Children's Rooms
  • Daycare Centers
  • Therapy Rooms
  • Pediatric Clinics

  • Health Departments

  • Therapist or Professional Offices

  • Preschools

  • Hospitals

  • Early Intervention Centers

  • Schools´╗┐


The charts measure height and communication development at the same time.

Easy tracking lets you spend more time with your child and less time worrying about development.

The charts list speech and language milestones that a child should typically develop at each age, including...

  • Vocabulary / Expressive language

  • Comprehension / Receptive language

  • Phonological awareness

  • Reading / Writing / and Grammar skills

  • Social Skills (Pragmatics)

  • Play skills

  • Feeding abilities

  • Speech / Articulation

Each chart uses simplified terms instead of technical jargon and includes examples to illustrate what individual skills might look when your child does them.

This lets you practice the specific skills they need. 

There is space provided to write the date/age that each milestone is achieved which helps you track progress.

Children enjoy marking this special achievement with you.

A wise man once said...

...knowledge is power.

Understanding these concepts will help you teach your child the age specific skills they should be learning and know if your child's communication skills are developing within normal limits.

Increasing awareness of your child's communication abilities greatly decreases the chance that they will be delayed. The same awareness can help you catch a delay and so you can get your child help more quickly.

Above all you will rest easy knowing... have done everything you can to help your child.


The speech language growth charts provide you with multiple uses for your money.

Early detection improves your child's chances of overcoming a delay by catching it early on.

Our charts could save you time and money by not paying for years of therapy if you prevent a communication delay early.

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