Teach the "Z" Sound Effectively and Achieve Home Goals

19 Ways to Teach the "Z" Sound
by HomeSpeechHome

Product Details

★ Multi-sensory techniques
★ Audio tracks for discrimination
★ Color diagrams and photos

"Teaching the Sound" Books are all inclusive step-by-step programs for teaching your child individual speech sounds.

This means you can provide speech therapy at home in a similar way SLPs do.

Our Books can help your child before receiving speech therapy, during the time they are receiving therapy, and after therapy has been discontinued (if necessary).

**Note: Your child must have his/her front teeth to learn how to say this sound correctly.

Each Book includes:
  • Full color diagrams

  • Full color photos

  • Multi-sensory techniques (sight, sound, touch, movement)

  • Easy to understand, step by step instructions (no technical jargon)

  • Audio tracks to meet your speech guide, Communi-Kate, and check for accurate sound discrimination

Special Features of the "Z" Book

An explanation of common "Z" problems with suggestions for a quick fix.

Includes techniques such as...
  • Explosive "D" to "Z"

  • Make a Bull's-Eye

  • Aim It Throught a Straw

  • Lip Escape and more

Why Home Speech Therapy?

 Learning speech therapy techniques gives you access to services when a therapist may be unavailable.

Each Book caters to different learning styles (sight, sound, touch,
and movement) so your loved one's progress will be comprehensive and natural because it is in the way they learn best.

If your child is already recieving therapy, he/she will get more practice than the normal 30-60 minutes a week.

At home, you can support and add to what is being done in therapy which will make progress faster and more consistent.

As a result, the Speech Language Pathologist may have your child model for others during therapy sessions.

This will build your child's confidence about communicating and he/she will...
  • Self-monitor his/her speech more often

  • Maintain speech and language skills he/she has learned

  • Be less likely to fall back into old habits that caused speech/language difficulties
As a parent you will rest easy knowing you are doing everything to help them overcome/manage their disorder.

 Your child and family will appreciate you because:
  • you will help improve their speech/language and decrease difficulty

  • they will see how budget savvy you are

  • you can afford to buy them the little extras they deserve
You will appreciate you because:
  • you will improve your child's speech/language skills

  • you will learn a new skill

  • you will gain confidence in making decisions for your family

What Does it Cost?

A speech evaluation can cost $75-200.

Speech therapy can cost $30-150 per session.

Not to mention the time it takes to:
  • schedule an appointment

  • drive to and from the location

  • wait to be seen

  • wait for test results (days to weeks later)

  • schedule therapy days and times (after test results)

If our "Teaching the Sound" Book helps your child, you won't have to deal with any of the above.

Plus, if you're not 100% satisfied,
we'll refund 100% of your money any time.

No questions asked.

You only pay...

That's less than dinner and a movie on Friday night.

And best of all...

...you can get it the minute you buy it.

No scheduling, driving, or waiting.

Just click and download.

We are not saying - "Don't see a Speech-Language Pathologist" by any means.

We are saying - "Decide for yourself if a 'Teaching the Sound' Book will help your child."

You could save yourself the time and energy of everything I mentioned above.

Of course, some children will do better than others but as your speech guide Communi-Kate says...

"You never know what you can do until you try!"

With access to proven speech therapy techniques and the support you need, don't wait any longer...

...to get started.

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