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Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts-Spanish (WABC-S)

The Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts-Spanish (WABC-S) helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of Spanish/bilingual students in the area of basic concepts. It is a norm-referenced assessment designed to evaluate understanding and use of basic word opposites and related concepts; such as colors, numbers, location words, and descriptive words. It yields standard scores where 100 is the mean and 85-115 is the range of average. XXX scored the following: 

Area Standard Score Percentile Rank
Color/Shape (Color/Forma)    
Quantity/Completeness (Cantidad/Capacidad)    
Location/Direction (Ubicación/Orientación)    
Sensation/Emotion/Evaluation (Sensación/Emoción/Evaluación    
Weight/Volume (Peso/Volumen)    
Condition/Quality (Condición/Calidad)    
Distance/Speed/Time (Distancia/Velocidad/Tiempo)