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Test of Nonverbal Intelligence – Fourth Edition (TONI-4)

The Test of Nonverbal Intelligence – Fourth Edition (TONI-4) assesses the intelligence of children and adults whose motor or linguistic skills may adversely affect their performance on traditional tests of intelligence.  The TONI-4 is not a replacement for the broad-based intelligence tests, rather it provides an alternative method of assessment when a subject’s cognitive, language or motor skills prevent them from responding or understanding the test material. Index Scores between 90-110 are considered average, 89 and lower are below average and 111 and higher are above average. XXX obtained an Index Score of        and a percentile rank of        , which was considered ABOVE/WITHIN/BELOW average for performance on this test.

The Test of Nonverbal Intelligence-4th edition (TONI-4) is a brief, individually administered  test of nonverbal intelligence, aptitude, abstract reasoning, and problem solving.  The Nonverbal index score contains only one subtest, Matrices.  Matrices measure an individual's ability to determine relationships between abstract (designs and symbols) visual stimuli.