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Test of Narrative Language (TNL)

The Test of Narrative Language is a standardized measure administered to children age 5-0 through 11-11 to assess the ability to answer literal and inferential comprehension questions about a narrative presented orally and how well children use language in narrative discourse. The Test of Narrative Language has three formats; with no picture cues, given five sequenced pictures and with a single picture cue. The TNL yields a Narrative Comprehension standard score and an Oral Narration standard score with the mean being 10 and the range of average being 7-13. _____ obtained a standard score of ____ given Narrative Comprehension tasks and a standard score of ____ given Oral Narration tasks.

Narrative Comprehension and Oral Narration standard scores are used to determine a Narrative Language Ability Index(NLAI) . The mean of the NLAI is 100 with the range of average being 85-115. ______obtained a NLAI of ____, considered to be ______ for her chronological age.