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Test of Language Development-Primary: third edition (TOLD-P:3)

The Test of Language Development-Primary: third edition (TOLD-P: 3) is designed to measure the various features and systems of language of children between the ages of 4-0 and 8-11.  It is comprised of six subtests, each of which derives a standard score based on 10 being the mean and 7-13 the range of average.  These subtests are then used to generate composite quotients where 100 is the mean and 85-115 being the range of average when compared to other children of the same chronological age.  Additional supplemental subtests, which assess word discrimination, phonemic analysis and word articulation are added to the test battery but are not a component of the core composite scores.

Subtest                        Standard Score        Interpretation

Picture Vocabulary                                 

Relational Vocabulary                             

Oral Vocabulary                                 

Grammatic Understanding                             

Sentence Imitation                                 

Grammatic Completion                             

Composites                    Quotients        Interpretation

Spoken Language                                 






      obtained a Total Test Score of      , which is at the       percentile.  This is in the       range compared to      age peers.  Analysis of       responses indicated strengths/difficulties with      .