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Test of Language Development-Intermediate: Fifth Edition (TOLD-I:5)

The Test of Language Development-Primary: Fourth Edition TOLD-P:5 assesses spoken language in young children. It is well constructed, reliable, practical, research-based, and theoretically sound. Professionals can use the TOLD-P:5 to (1) identify children who are significantly below their peers in oral language proficiency, (2) determine their specific strengths and weaknesses in oral language skills, (3) document their progress in remedial programs, and (4) measure oral language in research studies. Results for XXX are as follows: 

Subtest Score Percentile Rank

Picture Vocabulary - measures the ability to understand the meanings of spoken two-word phrases (semantics, listening)

Relational Vocabulary - measures the ability to identify the abstract relationship existing among a set of spoken words (semantics, organizing)    

Oral Vocabulary - measures a child's ability to give oral definitions to common English words that are spoken by the examiner (semantics, speaking)


Syntactic Understanding - measures a child's ability to comprehend the meaning of sentences (grammar, listening)


Sentence Imitation - measures a child's ability to imitate English sentences (grammar, organizing)


Morphological Comprehension - measures a child's ability to recognize, understand, and use common English morphological forms (grammar, speaking

Overall Language    

Supplemental Subtests Score Percentile Rank
Word Discrimination - measures a child's ability to recognize the differences in significant speech sounds (phonology, listening)    
Word Analysis - measures a child's ability to segment words into smaller phonemic units (phonology, organizing    
Word Articulation - measures a child's ability to utter important English speech sounds (phonology, speaking