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Test of Childhood Stuttering (TOCS)

The Test of Childhood Stuttering (TOCS) is a standardized assessment was designed to evaluate a child’s speech disfluency in a variety of speaking contexts for children between 4 and 12 years of age. The TOCS has two main components that include (1) Speech Fluency Measure; which measures disfluent speech in a variety of speaking contexts including rapidly naming common objects, restating modeled sentences, describing a visual story and narrating a story and (2) Observational Rating Scales; which is an observational scale completed by those most familiar with the student which describes how, how often and when the student is disfluent. Both measures yield index scores, percentile ranks and descriptive terms in order to characterize a child’s speech fluency.

The index score, with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15, indicates where a child’s score falls within a distribution of scores that were gathered from children who do not stutter.  The percentile rank is the percentage of typically developing children who earned a raw score that is equal to or below the raw score of the child who was tested.  The descriptive terms are based on the total raw score of the Speech Fluency Measure as well as the total raw score of the Observational Rating Scales. A label that characterizes the total raw score for each measure will be provided. Each descriptive term will rate the severity of a child’s disfluencies in various speaking contexts.

Speech Fluency Measure:

Subscale Name Raw Score Repetitions Prolongations/Blocks
Rapid Picture Naming      
Modeled Sentences      
Structured Conversation      
Sum of Raw Scores (Total)      
Total Raw Scores Standard/Index Score Percentile Rank Descriptive Term

Observational Rating Scales

Speech Fluency Rating Scale
  Raw Score Index Percentile Rank Descriptive Term
Speech Pathologist        
General Ed. Teacher        
Disfluency - Related Consequences Rating Scale
Speech Pathologist        
General Education Teacher        

XXX demonstrated strengths in the following areas:

XXX demonstrated weaknesses in the following areas:

(You will add your own observations including description of disfluencies, occurance, duration, concomitant factors, etc.)