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Test of Auditory Processing Skills-Third Edition (TAPS-3)

The Test of Auditory Processing Skills-Third Edition (TAPS-3) is a measure of auditory skills important to the development, use, and understanding of the language used in academic instruction. It includes subtests designed to assess basic phonological skills (which are important to learning to read), memory abilities (essential to processing information), and auditory cohesion (which requires not only understanding, but also the ability to use inference, deduction and abstraction to comprehend the meaning of verbally presented information). On this measure NAME obtained an overall auditory processing standard score of XX which falls (choose: within the average, below the average, above the average) range when compared to peers.  Below are specific results yielded from this measure: 

Subtest Standard Scores Percentile Rank
Word Discrimination    
Phonological Segmentation    
Phonological Blending    
Number Memory Forward    
Number Memory Reversed    
Word Memory    
Sentence Memory    
Auditory Comprehension    
Auditory Reasoning