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Test of Auditory Processing Skills-3-Spanish (TAPS-3:SBE)

The Test of Auditory Processing Skills, 3rd Edition: Spanish/Bilingual (TAPS-3:SBE) is an assessment of auditory skills commonly used in academic and everyday activities by Spanish speakers. Answers may be accepted in Spanish or English. It provides a way to identify any particular auditory process that the examinee may be having difficulties with.

The nine TAPS-3:SBE subtests provide information for four main areas. XXX scored the following:

Subtest Standard Score Percentile Rank
Auditory Attention    
Optional Auditory Figure-Ground screener presented at the start of the test session.    
Basic Phonological Skills    
Word Discrimination    
Phonological Segmentation    
Phonological Blending    
Number Memory Forward    
Number Memory Reversed    
Word Memory    
Sentence Memory    
Auditory Cohesion    
Auditory Comprehension    
Auditory Reasoning