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Test of Auditory Comprehension of Language-Fourth Edition (TACL-4)

The Test of Auditory Comprehension of Language –Fourth Edition (TACL-4) is designed to measure a child's knowledge of specified lexical and grammatical forms.  It is comprised of three subtests.   Each subtests derives a scaled score where the mean is 10 and 7 to 13 is the range of average.  All three subtests are then combined to derive the Total Score where the mean is 100 and the standard deviation is 15. 

Subtest Standard Score Percentile Rank

Vocabulary: measures the comprehension of the literal and most common meanings of word classes including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and words that represent basic precepts and concepts.


Grammatical Morphemes: measures the comprehension of morphemes such as prepositions, nouns number and cases, tenses, and derivational suffixes.


Elaborated Phrases and Sentences: measures comprehension of elaborated sentence constructions, including the modalities of single and combined constructions embedded sentences.

Overall Language