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Spanish Structured Photographic Expressive Language Test-P (SPELT-P-SP)

The Spanish Structured Photographic Expressive Language Test-Preschool (SPELT-P-Sp) is designed to examine the expressive language abilities of children ages 3-0 to 5-11.  It may also be used with older children who appear to have more severe language deficits or deprivation.  The primary purpose of the SPELT-P,Spanish  is to examine the child’s generation of specific morphological and syntactical structures that are representative of early developing norms.  These include plural and possessive nouns, prepositions, pronouns, present and past tenses of verbs, copulas, and negation. A child is asked to look at a photograph and respond to questions, or complete a sentence elicited by the photo.  The child’s responses are then analyzed for the target structure.  A standard score is not provided, however ages for when each structure is generally mastered is given as a guide for developmental skills.