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Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test-third edition (REEL-4)

The Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test-Fourth Edition (REEL-4) consists of two subtests, Receptive Language and Expressive Language, whose standard scores can be combined into an overall composite score called the Language Ability Score each score is based with 100 as the mean and 90-110 being the range of average.  The test targets responses that range from reflexive and affective behaviors of babies to the increasingly complex intentional, adult-like communication of preschoolers. The Receptive language subtest measures the child’s current responses to sounds or language as reported by a parent or caregiver .  The Expressive language subtest measures the child’s current oral language production as reported by a parent or caregiver.       's Language Ability standard score of       is considered       .  Analysis of       responses indicated strengths in the areas of       and also that       had difficulty comprehending/using      .