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Pruebas de Expresión Oral y Percepción de La Lenguaje Española (PEOPLE):

Pruebas de Expresion  Oral y Percepcion de La  Lenguaje Espanola (PEOPLE): The Auditory Sequential Memory subtest assesses the child’s ability to retain and reproduce a series of verbal stimuli in the exact sequence of presentation.  The Auditory Association Subtest assesses a child’s word finding by using the context of an analogy.  The child must decode two phrases and fill in a word reflecting their relationship.  The Sentence Repetition subtest assesses a child’s ability to repeat sentences with increasing length and complexity.   Research indicates that children frequently cannot repeat sentences, which include grammatical complexity not used in their spontaneous language.   The Encoding Subtest consists of a direct word-finding task for nouns, which assesses a child’s name-finding ability. The child must decode a question, which concerns a function or action, and express the object needed to complete that function.  The Story Comprehension subtest assesses a child’s comprehension and recall of story information of increasing length and semantic complexity.    The test taps for sequentially related information and comprehension

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