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Preschool Language Scale-5, Spanish (PLS-5, Sp)

The PLS-5 - Spanish is an individually administered test used to identify a language delay or disorder in children, from birth to 7 years 11 months, who are monolingual Spanish speakers or bilingual Spanish-English speakers. Before PLS-5 Spanish, you needed to administer a test in English and a test in Spanish to obtain information about a bilingual child's skills in each language. Often, both scores were low, because children have acquired some language skills in English and some in Spanish. The examiner can obtain an Auditory Comprehension, Expressive Communication, and Total Language score that captures the child’s Spanish and English skills in one score.

The PLS-5 has two measures: the Auditory Comprehension (AC) which evaluates how much language a child understands; and the Expressive Communication (EC) which determines how well a child communicates with others. The Total Language (TLS) score is a composite of AC and EC.

Results were as follows:

AC Standard Score:


EC Standard Score:


Total Language Standard Score:


Discrepancy Comparison:

AC SS – EC SS difference:

Critical Value:

Significant Difference? Yes / No

Prevalence in Normative Sample:

Level of Significance: 0.05