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Preschool Language Scale-4 (PLS-4)

The Preschool Language Scale-4 (PLS-4) is a standardized assessment to assist in identifying children who have a language disorder or delay.  It is composed of two subscales:  Auditory Comprehension (AC) and Expressive Communication (EC).  The Auditory Comprehension is used to evaluate how much language a child understands.  The tasks for preschool-age children assess  comprehension of basic vocabulary, concepts, and grammatical markers.  The Expressive Communication is used to determine how well a child communicates with others.  Pre-school age children are asked to name common objects, use concepts that describe objects and express quantity, and use specific prepositions, grammatical markers, and sentence structures.  The responses to each subscale questions yield a standard score where 100 is mean and 85-115 is considered the range of average for       chronological age.       's standard score of       is considered       .  Analysis of       responses indicated strengths in the areas of       and also that       had difficulty comprehending/using