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Preschool Language Assessment Instrument  (PLAI-2) 

The Preschool Language Assessment Instrument-Second Edition  (PLAI-2) assesses how effectively a child integrates cognitive, linguistic, and pragmatic components to deal with student to teacher verbal exchanges. There are four assessing levels of abstraction and two assessing modes of response which are scored individually and to provide an overall Discourse Ability Score.

Norm Reference Assessment Standard Score Percentile Rank
Matching — linking of verbal and perceptual information    
Analysis — identification and/or combining of perceptual components    
Reordering — reduction or restructuring salient perceptual cues    
Reasoning — prediction of events and justification of ideas    
Receptive Mode — nonverbal response    
Expressive Mode — verbal response    
Non Standardized Assessment Standard Score Percentile Rank
Adequacy of Response — evaluates the quality of the child’s expressive language on a four-point scale, ranging from Fully Adequate to Inadequate    

Interfering Behaviors — quantifies two major patterns of behavior that hamper interaction: under-responsive and over-responsive

Discourse Ability Score