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The Listening Comprehension Test-Second Edition (LCT-2)

The Listening Comprehension Test-Second Edition (LCT-2) is designed to evaluate a student’s ability to listen in a classroom situation which calls for integrated language problem solving, reasoning, and comprehension of material presented auditorily. The test, as closely as possible, models the type of listening required in the classroom.  The student must determine what part of the message needs immediate attention, organize and understand the input, and plan appropriate responses. In order to respond, the student must integrate the communication skills of vocabulary and semantics, syntax and morphology, phonology, and thinking. . Five subtests are measured and normed individually and collectively to obtain an overall standardized score. XXX scored the following:

Subtest Standard Score

Main Idea: The student identifies the main idea after listening to a passage read aloud by the examiner. The student must recall his background knowledge of the topic and process the overall meaning of the passage.

Details: The student listens to a passage and answers a question about the details/ The student must rely on grammar, vocabulary, and the semantics of the passage to comprehend the details.  

Reasoning: This subtest taps into higher-level cognitive skills. The student infers answers from information presented verbally.

Vocabulary: The student gives a one-word synonym or a descriptive definition for a word heard in a passage.  

Understanding Messages: The student listens to a short message and answers two questions about it.