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LinguiSystems Articulation Test (LAT)

The LinguiSystems Articulation Test (LAT) was designed to identify children ages 3 years 0 months through age 21 years with abnormal articulation patterns. The LAT assesses all consonant sounds in words including initial consonant blends and checks for stimulability of error sounds. Intelligibility rating scales as well as an optional apraxia of speech screener are also included. Results of the LAT revealed that XXX demonstrated the following articulation errors:




Consonant Blends:

XXX was stimulable for correct production of       . XXX’s speech was considered to be      % intelligible to Choose an item. listeners. The number of errors on consonant sounds is compared to children of the same age.  Standard scores are reported given a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.  Standard scores on this test should be interpreted with caution as there is no consideration for the frequency of occurrence or age of acquisition of the phonemes.