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Language Sample Results Examples

Example 1

Language Sample: The purpose of a language sample is to assess a student’s length of utterance, grammar, syntax (word order), vocabulary and function.

Length of Sample:       utterances

Longest utterance:      

Mean Length of utterance (MLU):        

In accordance with research, an MLU of        morphemes equates to a language age of       months.  A predicted MLU for this child’s age would be approximately      .

Total Number of Morphemes:      

Total Number of Words:      

Total Number of Questions:      

____Of____, or____% of utterances were complete and grammatically correct.

____Of____, or____% of utterances contained one or more grammatical errors.

Example 2

This measure is based on a recording of a child’s spontaneous utterances for the purpose of analyzing range in length of utterance, mean length of utterance (MLU), word order (syntax), and semantics (word usage). 

Range in length of utterance = morphemes

Key structures: ( E = emerging), ( P = present), (A = Absent)

_____ basic plural marker (-s, as in toys)

_____ basic verb marker

_____ question marker

_____ WH- questions

_____ is / are verb marker

_____ simple negative

_____ basic pronouns (e.g., I, me, you)

_____ pronouns (he, she, they)

Vocabulary Inventory:  This includes words of the child’s vocabulary spontaneously offered by the child and words reported by the parent. It includes specific noun-labels, action words and basic descriptors.   

Estimated size of vocabulary =      

Parent Communication Interview:  This provides a description of a child’s method of communication, ability to respond to language, use of basic speech patterns and functional interaction skills.        

Examples of utterances made during assessment (excluding articulation errors) include: