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Kaufman Speech Praxis Test

The Kaufman Speech Praxis Test for Children (KSPT) is a norm-referenced, standardized assessment of a child's speech production to assist in identifying and determining treatment options for children with developmental dyspraxia of speech.  Developmental dyspraxia of speech is the inability to plan, coordinate and produce non-habitual oral movements necessary to produce syllables and words.  The test is presented in four parts of increasing difficulty and administration is dependent on the individual's level of functioning.  Each part is norm-referenced and generates a standard score where 100 is mean and 85-115 being the range of average.

Test parts                            Standard Score

Part 1: Oral Movement                

Part 2: Simple                    

Part 3: Complex                

Part 4: Spontaneous Length            

________'s standard score on Part_____of______is considered _____ .