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The Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns-third edition (HAPP-3)

The Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns-third edition (HAPP-3) is designed to analyze phonological deviations of children with highly unintelligible speech.  The comprehensive phonological evaluation uses a combination of objects and picture cards to elicit the child’s spontaneous single word production.  These responses are then analyzed for Total Occurrence of Major Phonological Deviations (TOMPD) to determine severity rating.  In addition, percentages of occurrence are calculated for 11 major deviations.  The Consonant Category Deficiencies Sum is used to calculate the Ability Score which has a mean of 100 and 85-115 being the range of average as well as a percentile rank score which indicates that when compared to 100 other children XXX’s chronological age, XXX surpassed       of them.

Analysis of      ’s responses indicated the following phonological processes to be occurring a significantly high percentage:      .        was       stimulable for correct production of       when provided with models and cues.

TOMPD Severity Rating:      

Consonant Category Deficiencies Sum:      

Ability Score:      

Percentile Rank: 

XXX presented with a speech disorder characterized by      

XXX was (or was not) stimulable for       

XXX intelligible to the average listener even when the context was known.

Phonological Deviations Occurences Percentages Phonological Deviations Occurences Percentages
Syllables (16)     Consonant Singletons
Consonant Sequences Prevocalic (28)    
With stridents (40)     Intervocalic (14)    
Without stridents (33)     Postvocalic (32)    
Total     Word/Syllable Omissions Sum    
Consonant Category Deficiencies
Sonorants Obstruents
Liquid /l/ (10)     Anterior (34) Stridents    
Liquid /r/ (9)     Palatal Stridents    
Total     Total    
Nasals (21)     Velars (22)    
Glides (10)     Other    
TOMPD Severity rating: Consonant Category Deficiencies Sum:
Ability Score: Percentile Rank: