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Fullerton Language Test for Adolescents-Second Edition

The Fullerton Language Test for Adolescents-second edition consists of eight subtests, each of which assesses a specific function important to the acquisition and effective use of language skills by adolescents.  Responses to each subtest provide the speech-language pathologist with descriptive information regarding the language skills of the student.

Subtest 1: Auditory synthesis assesses the ability to synthesize phonemic sounds or units of sounds that are presented separately in one word or utterance.   

Subtest 2: Morphology Competence assesses the ability to analyze the morphological elements of words and to demonstrate competency in correct usage.

Subtest 3:  Oral Commands assesses the ability to perform a number of tasks that vary in length and syntactical complexity.  It assists in determining the student’s ability to process verbal directions, and it requires the student to receive, retain, interpret, and demonstrate his or her understanding or comprehension of oral commands.

Subtest 4:  Convergent Production assesses the ability to identify, retrieve, and formulate responses to different words that have specific meanings.  It assists in determining the student’ s ability to find and retrieve words from long-term memory as well as in identifying cognitive-based attributes related to vocabulary power and performance.

Subtest 5: Divergent Production assesses the ability to categorized, retrieve and formulate responses that satisfy the semantic expansion imposed by the context.  It assists in determining the student’s ability to process with speed and accuracy the linguistic factors embedded in long-term memory.   

Subtest 6: Syllabication assesses the ability to identify syllables and to detect the number of syllables in words.   

Subtest 7: Grammatic competency assesses the ability to identify whether a sentence presented orally is grammatically correct or incorrect and to present a correct form where appropriate.  It measures the student’s ability to recognize correct grammatical structures progressing from simple to complex, and it identifies those morphological and syntactical forms that have not been mastered.

Subtest 8: Idioms assesses the ability to identify the underlying meaning of utterances that may have several meanings.

      demonstrated strong skills in the areas of :      .        demonstrated needs in the areas of       , specifically with skills such as      .