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Developmental Assessment of Young Children-Second Edition (DAYC-2)

The Developmental Assessment of Young children-Second Edition (DAYC-2) is an individually administered, norm referenced measure of early childhood development for children from birth through age 5 years 11 months.  It measures children's developmental level in the following domains: Cognition, Communication, Social-emotional Development, Physical Development, and Adaptive Behavior.  Each domain yields a standardized score, percentile rank, age equivalent, and a descriptive term. 

Cognitive Domain measures conceptual skills: memory, purposive planning, decision making, and discrimination.

Communication Domain measures skills related to sharing ideas, information, and feelings with others, both verbally and on-verbally.  It has two subdomains: Receptive Language and Expressive Language. 

Social-Emotional Domain measures  social awareness, social relationships, and social competence.  These skills enable children to engage in meaningful social interactions with parents, caregivers, peers, and others in their environment.                                                 

Physical Development Domain measures motor development.  The domain has two subdomains: Gross Motor and Fine Motor.

Adaptive Behavior Domain measures independent, self-help functioning.  Skills include toileting, feeding, dressing, and taking personal responsibility.

The Developmental Assessment of Young Children- Second Edition (DAYC-2) assesses children from birth to age 5; 11 years, in five domains: Cognition, Communication, Social-Emotional Development, Physical Development and Adaptive Behavior. Data is collected through observations, interviews of caregivers, and direct assessments. Assessments can be done in all areas, which provides a score for overall general development, or only the domains of interest. Subdomain scores are provided for receptive language and expressive language within the Communication Domain, and for gross motor and fine motor within the Physical Development Domain. The average range is SS 90-110, with a standard deviation of 10, and SS 100 being the mean average score. Standard scores, percentiles, and age equivalents are provided for each domain.