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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals: Preschool-Third Edition (CELF:P-3)

The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals: Preschool-Third Edition (CELF:P-3) assesses receptive and expressive language ability.  The CELF-pre explores the foundations of language form and content:  word meanings, word and sentence structure, and recall of spoken language. The CELF:P-3 is comprised of six subtests, three in receptive language and three in expressive language areas for children 3-4 and/or 5-6 years old. Each subtest yields a scaled score where 10 is the mean and scores from 7-13 are the range of average.  Then each area’s subtests are then calculated to give a standard score where 100 is the mean and 85-115 is the range of average.

Subtest Standard Score Percentile Rank

Sentences Structure (Receptive Language/Core Language)


Word Structure (Expressive Language/Core Language)

Expressive Vocabulary (Expressive Language/Core Language)    
Concepts and Following Directions (Receptive Language/Language Content)    

Recalling Sentences (Expressive Language/Language Structure)


Basic Concepts [3-4 years]      (Receptive Language/Language Content)


Word Classes-Receptive [5-6 year old]    (Receptive Language)


Word Classes-Total [5-6 year old]    (Language Content)

Core Language Score and Indexes    
Receptive Language    
Expressive Language    
Language Content    
Language Structure    
Core Language