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Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS)

The Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) is a fifteen-item behavioral rating scale developed to assist in the identification of children with autism, and to distinguish them from developmentally handicapped children without the autism syndrome. It further differentiates children with autism in the mild, moderate, and severe range.  The CARS is rated on a 1-4 point basis for each of the fifteen items, with 1 being the least predictive and 4 being the most predictive of autism with a cut-off score of 37 total points.

The CARS was rated by      . The following numbers were assigned to each of the 15 items:

 Relating to People:     


 Emotional response:     

 Body use:     

 Object use:     

 Adaptation to change:     

 Visual Response:     

 Listening Response:     

 Taste, smell, and touch response and use:     

 Fear or nervousness:     

 Verbal Communication:     

 Activity level:     

 Level and consistency of intellectual response:     

 General impressions:     

Total Score:     

According to the score the CARS rating is: