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Bracken Basic Concepts Scale-Revised  (BBCS-R)

The Bracken Basic Concepts Scale-Revised  (BBCS-R) is a developmentally sensitive measure of children’s basic concept acquisition and language skills.  It assesses a child’s receptive knowledge of 308 basic concepts in 11 distinct conceptual categories: colors, letters, numbers/counting, sizes, comparisons, shapes, direction/position, self-/social awareness, texture/materials, quantity, and time/sequence. The first six subtests compose the School Readiness Composite (SRC).  Standard scores are reported for the total test and SRC.  Standard scores have a mean of 100 and 85-115 being the range of average when compared to others of the child’s chronological age.        's total test standard score of       is considered      .  Analysis of     responses indicated strengths/difficulty with    .