About Us

Hi, we're Luke and Hollie.

Before we were SLPs, we met at Utah State University as undergraduate students in the Communicative Disorders program. After deciding we couldn't live without each other we got married. 

We received our Bachelor of Science Degrees in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education in 2005 and our Master's of Science Degrees in Speech Language Pathology in 2007 from Utah State University.

After graduation we jumped at the chance to complete our clinical fellowship year while living on the beach in the panhandle of Florida. There we met all of the requirements to receive our Certificate of Clinical Competence or CCC in Speech Language Pathology.

In January 2010, Hollie and I began working on HomeSpeechHome to create therapy ideas, materials, and resources to help parents and therapists worldwide.

Since that time HomeSpeechHome has received visits from over 5 million people in more than 230 different countries.

We appreciate your support and letting others know about our site.

We currently live in Florida and hope that HomeSpeechHome will provide more access to Speech Therapy for both children and adults, promote understanding of our profession, and help people worldwide improve their communication skills.

Want to contact us? Please do!

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