How to Use Tools

Word Vault's Pro Features include powerful tools that help therapists complete time consuming aspects of their work more efficiently.

For instructions on how to use each tool contained within the app, tap the corresponding tool icon below.

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My Vault

My vault lets you create custom lists for whatever needs you and your clients have.

See it in action...

Create a custom list by opening the side menu, tapping My Vault, and tapping the plus button in the top right corner, or by tapping the plus button on the last page of any content section in any Vault.

Name the list.

Tap which Vault you want to store it in.

Type each word into the content box, making sure to tap "Enter" after each word, phrase, or sentence.

Take or choose a picture for the list if you want and tap “Done”.

The list will show in My Vault and in the Vault you selected. You may then edit, email, or delete it in My Vault.

Tap the picture text or line to use the list.

To use a custom list with a client or group find it on the last page of the vault you chose to store it in.

Tap it. Then tap the plus name tab and select which client or group to work with using the custom list.

If you are working with a group, select the group and then tap My Vault at the bottom of the “Choose Vault” screen, and tap the list from the group of lists you have created.

Word Vault will track and save data and audio recordings from any custom list for any client just as it does with all other content in the app.

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Phonological Process Finder

The Phonological Process Finder app is a quick and efficient way to find specific phonological processes that children use.

In 2 simple steps you will find the process or processes a client is using.

See it in action...

The process to determine phonological errors can be a time consuming task with more traditional methods.

This app will help you identify target phonological processes faster than you can say the word.

No more looking online or through pages and rows of assessment manual information.

Step 1 - Type in the error sound the client is saying

Step 2 - Type in the sound they are replacing, the target sound with.

That’s it!

Phonological processes are common and sometimes difficult to spot.

They greatly affect speech sound production and call for a different regime of therapy.

This app will save you valuable time so you can do more important things.