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The Articulation Word Search Puzzles can be used to encourage the use of target sounds at the word, phrase, and sentence level for clients ages 8 (3rd grade) and up.

Puzzles come with words 1-4 syllables long which provides a variety of difficulty levels for articulation practice while simultaneously exposing clients to new vocabulary. 

Each puzzle is in a 14 x 15 grid, and has 20 words to find (with the exception of Final Voiced TH). All words in the puzzles are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal but do not include backward words.

This makes finding target words easier, increases success, and allows the client to spend more time practicing their target sound(s) vs. searching for words. Puzzles have a score counter in the bottom right hand corner to allow for easy data tracking.

All puzzles come with answer keys at the end of each sound section. The large print letters and icons make it easy to quickly find the right sound and position. The puzzles allow therapists or caregivers to specify how many times a client should produce a target word after finding it and then challenges the client to say the word in a sentence afterward.

Additionally, these puzzles help to improve spelling ability, letter recognition, concentration, and visual acuity...all while being fun, entertaining, and great articulation practice.

They are perfect for individual and group practice in the therapy room or on the go. Get yours today!

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