12 Ways To Teach Your Child the K Sound

Are you looking for ways to teach the "K" sound? Then you'll love our free video series about teaching the "K" sound at home.

The video series includes:
  • 5 videos that will help you teach the "K" sound at home

  • an exclusive technique from our "12 Ways to Teach Your Child the K Sound" book, that is used by Speech Language Pathologists on a daily basis across the nation

  • examples with each tip in every video
The more information you can get...

...will put you in control of your child's progress in overcoming
or managing their speech disorder.

When your child can be understood, it decreases the chance that they will:
  • be teased

  • avoid talking

  • be stereotyped as less intelligent
This video series will give you the best information to get started on teaching your child the "K" sound at home.

To get started...visit the teaching sound video series page.

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